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Synergy Networxx



Synergy Networxx is a Cisco certification training provider in the UK. We offer expert IT networking certification training & services at incredibly competitive rates. Our highly experienced and qualified team have a hard earned reputation across the world for going the extra mile to help our customers and improve their technical skill set so that they can stand out of the crowd. We are setting a bench mark in the field of Internetworking training, providing the most demanding certifications tha

Changes happen. As they do so frequently in the computer world, people must adapt and develop new skills to remain successful. Synergy Network Systems will help people deal with changes and acquire the knowledge and skills they need to compete in the 21st century.

Our faculties are not people who are mere academics, but are teaching experts like CCIE’s who teach and draw on their rich real time experience to help students understand the practical issues and their solutions. We guarantee a world-class learning environment, including instructors, technical and administrative support, classrooms, and equipment. With an unbeaten combination of the best faculty, the best programs, the best equipment and the best price, Synergy Network Systems can help you improve your skills in a way no one else can.


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